Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tokyo High School Students!

After the YFU office, we went to a museum to check out in a way the history and culture of Japan.

But when we got there...we saw THIS:

A horde of high school students! They kept looking and waving to us, and so we were sad when we had to say bye. But then we entered the museum, and lo and behold:

There they were again! The one wearing the glasses kept saying "yes I am, yes I am" to us. And when we asked him what he was, he just said: "yes I am!" Haha they were so cute!

We ran into high school students all over the place! They kept saying in English, "pretty! Pretty!" They were adorable! They kept wanting to take pictures too! We wandered into them everywhere!

But my favorite picture is definitely:

Haha I miss them!

But to the culture part...the museum was actually really interesting! They had amazing exhibits and it covered a lot.

Luckily they had English descriptions along with the Japanese ones.

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  1. moshi moshi! my name is Orzora (a-zora) i wanted to say i see you as a role model and i have never said that (or typed) to another person other then my mum and strong anime charactors lol i hope you have a face book i would love to chat

    here is my facebook name :Shiku Creecher
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