Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Tanabata (七夕)

July 7, 2011

After school is really the fun time! That's when we all hang out <3
Today is Tanabata, which is the day supposedly when the two stars which are lovers can meet for that one day every year. We all get to make wishes, and so what we do is write our wishes on colored paper and then tie it to bamboo.

Unfortunately for us, it was SUPER windy! During class we could hear the bamboo whipping around and then we would go outside to check on our wishes. Some people's flew away, but luckily mine stayed <3
I can't tell you what it is! Then it won't come true! (Or maybe that's just an American superstition...)
Haha it was so windy when we girls were walking through the hallways we had to cling onto our skirts so there wouldn't be any *ahem* unnecessary views and we would yell to each other "スカート危ない!" (Watch out for the skirts!)
After everybody went to sports and clubs Tama, Saya and I went to go watch the tennis club! One of my friends (the captain of the club) yelled "That's my friend! She's from America!" I thought it was absolutely adorable heehee

And that was the duration of my Tanabata :)
Till next time!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Normal Day...?

Sorry for not updating for practically a year! My mind has been other places...luckily I kept a journal while I was in Japan and updated it every day! So while I may not remember everything, I have it in writing! (But these posts are paraphrased)

-June 29, 2011

I went to school by myself this morning! My host sister had to go with a couple other students to get something done, so when I was dropped off, I headed out to find my classroom. Unfortunately, I did not know the school well enough, so I managed to get lost. Luckily I found another student in my grade and asked her to show me where the room was! She was super nice about it. Nothing particularly exciting happened because exams start tomorrow so everyone was busy studying. But today we did do Home Ec. for the first time. Everyone does it, and apparently they were already in the middle of a project when we got to Okinawa. They were sewing bags!

Yes, the guys did it too.

Spencer and I had to start from the beginning, which made it very confusing since our teacher had to help other students and didn't speak English, but a couple students were already done with their bags and took time to show us. Since Spencer and I had so little time, we made a compilation bag (haha).

P.S. Spencer really wasn't THAT much taller than most of the guys (ok maybe he was), but his feet were big enough that he could barely get his toes in! It was hysterical, he tried finding excuses to not wear them.

On another note, I decided to buy lunch today! My school's system for buying lunch was TOTALLY different from America's. People from restaurants would pack up food and set up little stalls where we could buy it. It was cheap too! Only about $3.

My lunch - fried rice and juice

The day went by smoothly - soon it was the end of the day. I was tired so I fell asleep on my desk for a little while. When I woke up my friend said to me in English, "Good morning." I replied "morning," to which he said 「じゃないよ」(it's not) and so I said "I know."

I hung out a little outside after that and waved to my classmates who were on sport teams until お母さん (Mom) came to pick us up. Not a particularly exciting day, but a fun one nonetheless!