Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just a little more...

Hey guys!

So, this is my last day in my state today! Tomorrow I'm headed off to California for JPDO!

I'm so excited, I get to meet everyone there and that is just where my adventure is going to begin!

I finished packing was a tight squeeze...AND I had to keep the suitcase under 50 pounds or I would have to pay extra fees....OH WELL!!
I DID IT!! I got it all in at 38 pounds! *Pats self on the back

I had to put in all the omiyage for my family in there too...woo! It was tough!

I got them...

  • A map of my state
  • A book called A City in Time (shows past and present comparisons of monuments and sites in Washington D.C.)
  • A Betty and Veronica comic book
  • A Christina Aguilera CD
  • A Bruce Springsteen CD
  • A magazine of my area
  • A local sport team's Jersey
  • A "Red White Blue" shirt
  • A whole bunch of little accessories and pouches
I hope they like them!!

I have to finish JPDO in Cali for a couple days, then I'm headed to Japan!

Looking forward to it!

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