Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hangman in Japanese?

I would put that down as "difficult."

There way more Japanese characters than English letters (in Hiragana alone)!
At least my classmates new a good amount of English vocabulary, so it wasn't too hard for them.

But starting from the beginning of the day, the morning was pretty boring.
When we headed to P.E., which is mandatory by the way (we had it every Monday and Tuesday), we got changed and headed out.
I'm not sure if it's like this all the time, but while I was there the boys and the girls had separate P.E. The boys got to swim, while the girls had a choice of either volleyball or basketball.

I stuck out with volleyball, and what happens is we have a few drills such as having some time to practice passing, volleying, etc. After that we have a few games.

In one of the games, the other team hit the ball and I volleyed it...right into my face.
Amazingly, we were able to get the ball and score a point!

Anyway, later in the day we were headed to math, and the teacher wasn't there that day so we got a free period! Unfortunately, because the teacher wasn't there, we also didn't have the key into the classroom.

Eventually, we got the teacher next door to let us in.

When we got inside, Spencer suggested we play hangman! No one knew what it was, so we had to teach them.
First we did English hangman, but then switched to Japanese.

The last period of the day was English, but for some reason that day we weren't doing much. Therefore, Hiroki, Shuji and Hirotomo decided to create Spencer's name in Kanji! They were actually able to do it, and the meaning ended up something like "needed bear on the top level of the left side of Kanji." Makes sense, if you think really hard about it!

And at the end of the day, during clean-up time, Spencer and I decided to join Nikki with taking out the trash.

Outside, near the place where we toss the trash, was a group of other second years from a different class!

They challenged me and Spencer to rock-paper-scissors to let the losers take out the trash, and I ended up winning every time so they made me switch with Spencer haha!

Japanese Math

Is obviously hard.
I can barely do math in English, so obviously I couldn't follow the Japanese at all. But the teacher is hysterical! He's incredibly energetic and constantly goes off on tangents.

He also can't speak English, which makes it very interesting for me and Spencer. Often during class he'll suddenly stop, and ask us math terms in English. He'll try to write it on the board, but he very rarely gets the spelling correctly. It's pretty funny!

I give the students here a lot of credit, they are doing extremely hard math!

The teacher actually had me and Spencer do one of the tests one time...
Not only is it math, but the directions are smothered with Kanji.
I think I was able to do five problems.

Although the picture doesn't show it....

And I'm actually taking the notes...WHY lol

Going to class here is so fun!
I just can't imagine actually having to get graded.