Sunday, June 19, 2011


Oh my gosh, JPDO (Japan Pre-Departure Orientation) is finally over.

It was amazing meeting everyone, and I'm sad that we're going to have to part seperate ways for the next month, yet I'm eager to get my butt on over to Japan!

I've been at Berkeley for 2 days, and basically we got into kumis (groups), and I was purple kumi! I'm not going to say everything that we did at JPDO, because that would take absolutely FOREVER.

Let's hope that the video explains most of it:

Basically, I met everyone, and we are already super close!! It really does help getting together on a group on facebook or something, because we all had really become friends even before we had even met face-to-face. Everyone is sooooo amazingly nice, and I'm having a "wi-fi" party with them right now haha! We're all huddled in the only place where there is wi-fi, and we're all on our electronics updating and everything!

But back to JPDO, we all basically did the same thing as we did at regional orientation, and a few more games to teach us about adapting, etc. We also were separated into different groups based on skill to go study Japanese classes.

Most of the fun was hanging with everyone though!!

Anyways, I am headed to Japan tomorrow!!


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