Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Nice to meet you all!
This is a typical American girl...who has become a new Exchange student thanks to Youth for Understanding (YFU)!
I have to admit, this post is really late (but I actually only made the blog today). I got my acceptance letter almost a week ago, but I am still dying of excitement! I won the Okinawa Peace Scholarship Program scholarship! I came in the regular mail, with an acceptance letter, a World Traveler's Guide, a Parent's Guide, and my favorite thing aside from the letter, my very own YFU T-shirt!

I think I'm going to die waiting for the school year to end so I can finally go...but it'll be worth it once I get there!! Okinawa...also known as the "Hawaii of Japan" haha! I have already met people from all over the country through facebook who are also going, and I am so excited to meet them all!

As many of you know, (at least the ones who have enough to at least hear from other people) Japan was hit with a MAJOR earthquake and tsunami this past March. YFU has made it very clear that they won't be sending anyone within 100 km of the disaster area, but I will be headed to Okinawa anyway, and that is probably the southest south you can get in Japan, so I won't be anywhere close.

Hmm....I can't think of anything else to say (which is so me btw)... I'll leave it at this today!


  1. おめでと キマ!This is so exciting!

  2. でしょう!! うわぁ!!!夏(なつ)早く(はやく)!