Thursday, August 18, 2011

Japanese Math

Is obviously hard.
I can barely do math in English, so obviously I couldn't follow the Japanese at all. But the teacher is hysterical! He's incredibly energetic and constantly goes off on tangents.

He also can't speak English, which makes it very interesting for me and Spencer. Often during class he'll suddenly stop, and ask us math terms in English. He'll try to write it on the board, but he very rarely gets the spelling correctly. It's pretty funny!

I give the students here a lot of credit, they are doing extremely hard math!

The teacher actually had me and Spencer do one of the tests one time...
Not only is it math, but the directions are smothered with Kanji.
I think I was able to do five problems.

Although the picture doesn't show it....

And I'm actually taking the notes...WHY lol

Going to class here is so fun!
I just can't imagine actually having to get graded.

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  1. what grade/age are the students in this math class?